Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week in Review: April 26- May 02

(Norvan Falls, part of the scenery on Saturday's run)

Monday, 2010-04-26:
Off. Did a basic core workout but not much else. No apparent issue from the previous weekend mileage.

Tuesday, 2010-04-27: 8.10 miles (1:10) This was an unusual/ unsettling run for me. I woke up with a noticeable soreness in my right leg; along the right gastrocnemius. It was approximately the same area where I felt the ‘twinge’ after last Friday’s run. This prompted my immediate attention and after some diligent self myofascial release, it dissipated rather quickly and I was able to get through the run pain free; despite thinking about it… and waiting for it the entire time.

Wednesday, 2010-04-28: 11.5 miles (1:30) Attempting to replicate last weeks successful longer fartlek workout, I headed out in the evening with the goal of running approximately 13 miles, 8 of which within the 7-7:30 range. Unfortunately, the stomach was an issue the entire time which precluded me from finding any sort of rhythm. Stomach issues (especially in the evening) are something that I am constantly battling with (and have been losing for some time). On the positive side, the right gastrocnemius was of not concern. In fact, it tends to feel better as the miles build and my body warms up.

Thursday, 2010-04-29: 8 miles (1:05) Headed out on the roads with Meredith for a pre-work Lonsdale loop. This run offered the usual 7000 foot climb (over a 2.25 miles stretch) up the entirety of Lonsdale. I was basically dead on my splits the entire run and felt comfortable the entire way. It was a beautiful morning with much more light that we have been use to. Spring is finally here perhaps. Once again, the right calf was not an issue and seems to be improving on a daily basis…

Friday, 2010-04-30:: Gym/ Core/ Strengthening; ran there/ home (2 miles). The usual gym session; nothing too fascinating about it. However, when running to catch a bus in the afternoon, I felt that same reoccurring twinge in my right calf. At this point I am not too concerned as stretching and release seem to be doing the trick. Nonetheless, it is something that I must be conscious of.

Saturday, 2010-05-01: 17 miles (3:00) Ran with my good running friend Nicola this morning. She was planning on a slightly longer effort than I had intended because of some commitments I had in the afternoon. Nonetheless, we started together running from Lynn Headwaters up to Norvan falls. It was muddy and slick from some over night rain; this also made it all the more enjoyable as we splashed our way through the seemingly endless puddles and mud. The rain threatened all day but never materialized (for once) and it turned out to be a pretty nice day. We eventually parted ways and I finished the run off by returning up my usual route down to Indian River and then up the gravel path to Loutette. Overall, this was an encouraging run for me. I felt like I had energy the entire time, comfortable without much of a second thought. I took in a little more fuel than I had been (4 for the entire run) as of late which perhaps contributed to this difference and also pre-emptively stopped any subsequent bonking.

(A snapshot of the skies that dominated most of the weekend)

Sunday, 2010-05-02: 18 miles (3:05) I can’t say that I was too thrilled about this run. The forecast called for showers and they did not disappoint. I left my apartment unsure of exactly how long I was going to run. I knew I wanted to fit in some vertical and that’s about it. I packed enough gels for 4-5 hours but as the first hour of running rolled by I knew that I was unlikely to be out for that long. Its not that I was sore, I just seriously lacked motivation today for whatever reason…. But so it goes sometimes. I finally found what I will constitute a groove after about 7 miles; however, this was quickly usurped by the surprising cold breeze and heavy rain that bombarded me as I slogged my way up the 2 miles 1300 foot Powerline. I took in a gel at the top which certainly helped, and pressed forward, rolling down Baden Powerll, Old Buck and returning via the Bridle Path trail. I thought about adding in another climb up Lynn Peak, but ultimately decided against it. My girlfriend was home sick and to be honest, I preferred to be with her. Just didn’t feel like a day to be spending entirely in the mountains. As an aside, after uploading my data from my Garmin, it seems that both of my weekend runs included over 3000 feet of climbing (3100 and 3600 respectively). This is definitely applicable training for my later race plans for this summer and something I look forward to contining every time I head out.

Weekly Miles: 62.6 (zero barefoot)
Time: 9:15 hours

Overall this was a fairly modest and up/down week of running for me. Early in the week my right gastrocnemius still seemed to be an issue which discouraged me from doing any morning and evening double run sessions early in the week. In my mind, it is just too early in the season to be attempting to push through minor aches and pains; the body is still adapting and finding its form. I must continue to remind myself of this as I often tend to relegate these thoughts and strive for those extra few miles. As many will likely agree, when you are out there, in the moment, the ‘pull’ is a commanding force and often coerces us into making decisions that we later regret (usually while on the table of a massage therapist).

On the positive side, I was able to maintain an acceptable overall weekly mileage (especially given I ran only 5 days) and most importantly, I did not bonk after any of my runs (unlike last week). Although I have not completely decided what the ultimate bearer of such results is, I suspect greater caloric intake during my longer efforts was a contributing factor (thanks Nicola for drilling this into me). Another positive was the way my right calf seemed to improve throughout the week. As it stands, it seems like one of those issues that I can quite easily run through and remedy with some vigilant rolling/ release.


  1. Had a great time running with you on Saturday. I ended up running 4:30 at a nice modest pace. Sorry we couldnt hook up today but turns out my legs were quite tired and I only ran 50 minutes...

    Let's hook up again this saturday if you are around!!!

  2. Glad to hear the rest of your run went well on Saturday.

    Ended up doing 20miles/3:30 yesterday... love days off!!

    We should definately meet up for Saturday. Weather is suppose to be perfect!! Fingers crossed. Drop me a line.