Monday, June 28, 2010

Inspiring Stuff + Week in Review

Following this year’s Western States 100 from my laptop evoked nothing but pure inspiration. The dedication, commitment and personal triumphs that took place were many and brilliant. It is humbling to watch these top athletes put it all on the line and perform at such an unbelievably impressive level. I will not spell out any of the details of the race (if you are reading this I am sure you are a fan and thus, likely know them all anyways), but I wanted to note the stellar performances by those North of the border (Peter Watson, Nicola Gildersleeve, Gary Robbins and Tamsin Anstey).

Also, check out these post-race interviews from

In comparison, my training this week seems like a walk in the park. Nonetheless, with a little less than two weeks until my next race (Knee Knacker 50km) I wanted to fit in one longer run (preferably on the course) while keeping the mileage reasonable and my body in a contented state. I was able to achieve these goals fairly well. Further, I fit in some solid climbing (as I have been the past 3 weeks) attempting to replicate the numerous climbs I will be confronted with on race day.

With that, here is my week in brief review:

21/06/2010: 10miles (1:25) 1000’ Took this run mostly as an easy recovery effort. I was feeling a little tired from NYC but my body felt solid the entire run. I basically just cruised around Lynn Headwaters on a beautiful evening.

22/06/2010: 4miles (1:00) Body felt good but decided on a casual hike/ run with Meredith.

23/06/2010: AM: 9miles (1:11) 800’ Headed out the door at 4:45 am to get in a satisfying effort before work. Tempoed from my appartment to Lynn Headwaters hitting the gate a few minutes over PR split without feeling like I was working too hard (good sign). Overall, a great way to start the day. PM: 6miles (1:28) 2500' Decided to summit Lynn Peak.... Could not resist as it was literally beckoning as I was heading home from work; 41:05 to the peak, 27:06 down. Casual but felt like I was working hard enough going up. Did bruise my ankle coming down on some loose rocks. However, the more I do this summit the more I love it.

24/06/2010: 4-5miles (1:00) Ran/ walked to Meredith's parents place for some delicious grub. Took the day extremely easy despite my legs continuing to feel good. Still need these days though.

25/06/2010: 9miles (1:16) 800’ Decided on one of my default AM runs. Starting at my apartment I work my way up Grand Blvd, through Loutette park, circle Bridgeman Park; then climb the 500 feet back up and head home. Nothing really eventful on this run, just felt ok. I did manage to startle a black bear down one of the ravines, no biggie. It's my fifth bear encounter in the past three weeks. I am coming to expect it.

26/06/2010: 22miles (5:20) 7100’ Started the day with a trip up/down the BCMC with Meredith. We then parted ways; I decided to run a large section of the Knee Knacker course from Grouse Mountain to the intersection of Old Buck and the Baden Powell. I then looped down to the Bridle path and worked my way home. Felt comfortable for most of the day and on all of the climbs. Ran out of water with about 50 minutes to go, so felt pretty bonky by the time I reached my apartment. I also only brought 4 gels... Could have used one more.

27/06/2010: 8 miles (1:40) 2000’ Went up Old Grouse Mountain road with Meredith; came down Secret Seven. Fun run despite the cold and wet weather.

Weekly totals:
73 miles
12:30 hours
14000’ of vertical

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