Monday, June 13, 2011


I have never been one to obsess over figures. Mathematics was not my strongest subject and I often found myself troubled when trying to grabble with the sheer absurdity of certain equations and numerical expressions. But stripped down to their essential, certain numbers seem to have an intuitive appeal. They seem to just fit, make sense given the context and desires at hand. For ultrarunners, it seems that “100” holds near knighted status- with the ultimate expression of this notion being to propel oneself 100 miles under the power of their own two feet. The mere thought of this continues to humble me.

But in saying this, I have always been attracted to the idea of running 100miles within a week. Further, it seems that to reach the ultimate objective of running one-hundred mile races, reaching this weekly quota on a consistent basis is a critical component. This week I eclipsed that mark and did so while logging 86miles the previous week and continuing my running streak of 44days. Compared to many ultra runners out there, this type of mileage is standard practice; my objective is nothing to even blink an eye at. But inherent within this is the beauty of running itself: it is a personal endeavour where each person seeks to explore their own bodily limits and potential.

(Top of Old Grouse Mountain Road)

Every time you run
You create the quality
Of your own experience

Runners often speak of pain
And of course if you want that
You can have all you want
Merely by pushing yourself
Beyond your limits
Every time you run

It’s your choice of whether
To run to punish your self
Or to experience your self
If you choose, with me, the latter,
Then every run can be joyful
The key words are,
Take it easy!
Create your self as a runner
Gradually, patiently, relaxedly

Fred Rohe- The Zen of Running

(Skyline Trail- Base of Grouse Mountain)

Monday June 6, 2011: PM: 8miles (1:10) Good run, rolling terrain with 4times 10second steep hill repeats.
Tuesday June 7, 2011: PM 6miles (54min) + 3miles (30min) 4times Hill Repeats.
Wednesday June 8, 2011: AM: 6.5miles (53min) With 2 times .5mile repeats on track. PM: 3.5miles (32min) 4times Hill repeats.
Thursday June 9, 2011: PM: 10miles (1:31)
Friday June 10, 2011: AM: 23miles (4:17) 4800feet vert. Pure beauty in the mountains.
Saturday June 11, 2011: AM 15.5 miles (2:23)
Sunday June 12, 2011: AM: 26miles (4:45) 5500feet vert. Solid.

Total: 101.5miles (17:30hrs) 13000 feet vert.


  1. Nicely done Adam-solid week indeed. Big fan of the hill reps and little bits of turnover mixed in with the longer mountain stuff

  2. Nice Job Adam! 100 miles is a great accomplishment. I've only done it once to say I did it. Have not been close since. Keep up the solid training.

  3. Congrats dude! It's great to see you hitting your stride and staying injury free. Best of luck with your summer racing schedule!

  4. Adam- agree on the variation. Been able to do lots of that all on trails in the new hood. Fartleks are the new norm.

    Brad- Thanks! Glad to see you have been hitting the trails and vert lots too lately post marathon. FyI. I will be in CO Springs (staying across the street from garden of the gods) august 14-22sh. We should hook up for some runs?

    Gary- thanks man it means a lot.