Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February in Review

This month was certainly a step in the right direction. My running legs finally found their way back into existence from their forced hiatus (injury ridden). There was little to no signs of past injury issues arising which was a positive sign. Notwithstanding what was a micro-tear in my soleus at the end of the month, which put me back in the gym and into the pool for about 4 days, overall I must be generally pleased. I am still working my way into the NB 100's, which I suspect is partly why I struggled with calf issues throughout the month. The flatter profile is making parts of my body work harder than they have had to in the past.

Total Miles: 150.2
Total Time: 23 hours
Running Days: 17 of 28
Average Run length: 8.8 miles

The goals for next month: greater consistency (11 days off is not where I want to be); more frequent back to back long efforts on the weekend; doubles during the week; increasing overall mileage while keeping my average run length reasonable.

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