Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week in Review: April 12-18

(the backdrop for my training grounds... not too bad)

Monday, 2010-04-12: Off

Tuesday, 2010-04-13
: 7miles (54min) Despite giving this run some second thoughts, I headed out for my usual before-the-sun-rises 4:45am road effort. Expectedly, my legs still lacked pep after Saturday’s race and I found myself altering my usual hill climb route up the entirety of Lonsdale and instead opted for the more forgiving Lynn Valley loop. Good choice, I eventual found a hint of a groove in the last mile. Unfortunately, I had to go to work so could not extend the effort.

Wednesday, 2010-04-14: 13.3 miles (2:25) Hit the trails on my day off for a blissful romp in the woods. A couple of good climbs in there as well. The legs held up surprisingly well and even improved as time elapsed. A good sign…

Thursday, 2010-04-15: 8 miles (1:04) Headed out on the roads in the Brooks Launch for an early morning workout. Nothing really eventful happened on this run; just a steady and consistent cruise with some good rolling hills. The sun was rising as I was heading home which offered a wonderful way to start off the day. My right soleus tightened up a little throughout the day, but nothing to overly fret about.

Friday, 2010-04-16: Gym/ Core/ Strengthening; ran home (1 mile) after doing high-knees with resistant bands for 3 minutes, 30-seconds-on with 15 seconds rest….. weird feeling.
PM: 2 miles (16 min) barefoot at West Vancouver artificial field while I waited to meet up with my girlfriend.

Saturday, 2010-04-17: 16 miles (2:30) Headed out with the people from Mountain Madness and helped lead out their run. It was great to catch up with many and enjoy the morning on the trails. We started at the Suspension Bridge running a large loop down to Twin Bridges, up Mystery Creek and down the switch back, returning up Fisherman’s and back. Ran a solid pace the first 9 miles with the group running almost all of the hills and hammered some of the more technical downhills. I continued on my own for the last 7 miles eventually winding my way home as the rain started to fall. It was a invigorating “spring” rain so I offer no complaints.

Sunday, 2010-04-18: 16 miles (2:55) Despite the wonderful weather, the legs seriously lacked any pep; not sore, just that sense that you have some sort of adhesive on the bottom of each shoe. It took me a long time to get going as I started at Grouse Mountain planning to run most of the Baden Powell (with minor extensions) towards Deep Cove and then retracing my steps eventually finishing at my parents where I had to pick up the car. I took three gels, figuring enough for 3-4 hours and one handheld bottle, knowing I could fill up along the way. Once I hit the technical downhill through Grouse things began to awaken and I hit decent splits (The bench 25:25; Lynn Headwaters: 45:00). I fit in a few climbs as well. The sun really made its presence felt around the 2 hour mark, forcing me down the mountain to the nearest water supply to re-fill as I had drunk more than I was planning to. No matter, climbed my way back up Old Buck. Unfortunately, this took a little more out of my legs than I liked, and as a result, I just kind of tucked it in the rest of the run. Oddly, once I finished and just loitered around for a few minutes I felt great and seriously considered heading back out. Extraneous variables permitted this, perhaps a good thing in the end…

Miles: 60.3 + 2 (barefoot) over 5 runs (avg run: 12miles)
Time: 10 hours of running

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