Sunday, August 8, 2010

Misty Weekend

07/08/2010: 13 miles (1:57) Started behind Park Royal with Meredith as we had the intended purpose to climb our way up the Trans Continental Trail to Cleveland Dam; up Nancy Green Way and some how loop our way back. As we reached Cleveland Dam plans changed, and we mini-looped from there over to Mosquito Creek trail eventually returning back to Cleveland Dam and pretty much just tempoed it back down to our starting destination. It was a solid run overall with some nice leg-turnover involved. Stopped on the way home to pick up some Pumpkin bread to make some delicious turkey sandwiches for recovery.

(A shot I took on Sunday's run heading up Powerline. As you can see, it was a little moist and cloudy)

8/08/2010: 19 miles (3:28) Unfortunately the weather predictions were inaccurate and the supposed "clearing and sunny breaks" we were told was to materialize never really did. Instead we were privy to some classic west coast mist and heavy moisture laden air. Meredith and I started at Headwaters this morning and got the legs rolling with a quick trip around Lynn Loop. We then worked our way to Twin Bridges and up Powerline. The climb seemed to go by fairly effortlessly (a good sign). However, perhaps it was because we could not see more than 30 feet ahead of us the entire time as we were literally climbing into the clouds (see pick above). After cresting, we continued down the Baden Powell towards deep cove, hit Indian River road and decided to head back. Throw in a couple more climbs of 1000' feet plus and a bit of banter with some mountain bikers as we passed them up the hills (they would pass us on the down) and we were back at the car in no time soaking our legs in the river. Once again, turkey sandwiches about an hour later absolutely hit the spot.

A few points of interest:

Somebody sets a new speed record for the West Coast Trail. And yes, it is absolutely legit.

Another course record to come from this guy at the end of the month at Leadville 100 perhaps...

Meanwhile, I will be testing my own limits at Where's Waldo 100km that same weekend.

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