Friday, August 13, 2010

Shit Happens... But I don't like it.

Shit happens right?

That is what I keep telling myself as I sit at work, pissed, frustrated, and just generally feeling sorry for myself. Nine days out from Where’s Waldo 100km, my goal race of the year, and I have tweaked (rolled) my left ankle. I cannot even recall the last time that I rolled an ankle of any significant and sure enough, on a run I have done at least 50 times this year, I go ahead and do so. Cruising through a familiar turn, with the setting sun shining straight in my face (perhaps blinded?), I go to plant my left foot and bam. Quick and sharp as though it barely happened, I snap outwards; immediate to recover and keep moving, hobbling up the last of the hill praying the gimp will end. At the top I reassess and know that it is worse than the usual scare-roll that one can fairly comfortably persist through. Another attempt and I know that it is best to turn around and slog my way home.

At this point I am doing my best to remain optimistic. I can walk (with some discomfort) and can definitely put weight on the leg. I suppose I am on edge mostly because of the timing of it all, perhaps normally I would shrug it off, take a day, and be back at it. But context matters, and I can’t help but feel a great sense of trepidation and mostly frustration. I will take it day-by-day, continue to ice and have it assessed ASAP. There seems to be some tension on the outer soleus as well so I am thinking it is tendonal or muscular (??).

On the positive, it will force me to taper (something I suck at doing).


  1. Bad news mate.

    1. RICE - do it, you have to. You probably dont even need to run the next few days, rest up and stay consistent on the ICE - itll make the difference.

    2. Think positive, throw the right message out there, take the time to recover properly (you are trained already for the 100k) and know that you will be fine come race day.

    Good luck mate - look forward to an update.

  2. Thanks for the support/advice Dude.

    RICE it is with a special emphasis on the R and I.

    Positive thinking cant hurt as well.

  3. You will be fine! Go kick some ass at Where's Waldo, Tell meredith I say so too!!!!!!

    Have fun!!!!