Monday, April 4, 2011

Week in Review: March 28-April 3

Monday March 28, 2011: Intended day off of running today; no miles. Went to the field after work with M. We brought our 10lb medicine ball, thera-bands and got to work. We basically just did a whole bunch of Jay Johnson's strength training routine. We do these inside all the time but it was nice to take it outdoors and incorporate some more dynamic (pylo) and throwing items.

Tuesday March 29, 2011: PM: 8.5miles (1:13) Took this run pretty easy. I was not feeling great from the start and decided I would do the intelligible thing and listen to my body. Headed from Loutete Park down to Bridgeman Park- did a loop around there and then did the 500' climb back up to the park and then looped home. Wet and muddy by the end. Not a very pleasant run.

Wednesday March 30, 2011: AM: 6miles (55min) I was planning on running after work but knew I was not going to have time. So rather then do a full-strength routine at the gym I hit the mill. Did a varying workout of hills. Basically just kept myself occupied and moved the gradient between 3%-15%. At the end I had 1300'of climbing. Felt pretty decent. Condensed strength routine followed.

Thursday March 31, 2011: PM: 8.5miles (1:05) Lynn Headwaters Trails. Beautiful run in the evening after work. Probably felt the best I have in a long time. I hit some quicker miles in there and just tried to find that zone of "comfortably hard". Perhaps I achieved this, my legs had that familiar sensation of fatigue after a more concerted effort.

Friday April 1, 2011: AM: Pool Running (35min) Went with Meredith to the pool and joined her in one of her workouts. Pyramid 1/2/3/4/4/3/2/1min hard with 1min recovery between each segment. I was surprised at how gassed I was at the end of this. I suppose one is inclined to push themself a little harder because the lack of pain in the legs acting as a resisting/reminding factor. I was on the verge of unloading my breakfast on two occasions throughout. Meredith kicked my ass for sure. Went home and fell asleep on the floor for 10minutes before I had to get to work by 7:30am.

Saturday April 2, 2011: 17miles (2:50) Solid run. Longest I have gone for well... a long time. Unfortunately, I did all of this on one gel and 15oz of water. But I managed just fine. A little over 2000' of vertical on the day. Started from my doorstep and only had to indulge in about 2miles of pavement for the entire run. Looped down to Bridgeman up to Gazebo via Richar Jyrgen Tral (sp). Descended Circuit 8 over the bridge, up Bottle Top to Hyannis. Retured via Bridgeman and up the final 500' grunt to Loutete and home.

Noon: Yoga (1:00) Did this 45minutes after finishing up my run. Felt a little delusional and light-headed at points but my legs felt great all afternoon no doubt as a result.

Sunday April 3, 2011: 13miles (2:25) Satisfying run. Lynn Canyon-Grouse Mountain-Skyline Trail- Baden Powell- Old Grouse Mountain Road (hill repeats)- Lynn Headwaters- Roads Home. 2400'vertical. I headed out today completely unsure of how I was goind to feel. Specifically, my plaguing ITBS. I was pleasantly surprised with how things went. I experienced absolutely no specific left knee pain; notwithstanding taking it fairly easy on the day, any type of technical downhill had been causing me some discomfort. Not today. Perhaps I have turned the corner. Ran into some familiar faces out there. Including hearing this guy approximately a mile away chatting, laughing and just generally beaming with joy. Guess Gary Robbins is happy to be back out there. Also saw boss Ryne Melcher doing a photo shoot with KINTEC. Exchanged a few words with him and then continued on. The only problem with this run was that I brought no water or fuel and the tap was turned off on the base of Old Grouse Mountain Road. Definitely bonked the last couple of miles but just spaced out and rolled home; in some perverse way, I think I may actually enjoy this sensation.

Weekly Mileage: 53miles/5runs (9hrs)
Cross-Training: Daily ITB routine and Planks (being doing at a minimum 6 consecutive minutes of these rotating every 45sec between protated and sides and finishing with 45sec of supinated- I think that is a lot of planks over the last 3months) one gym session, one session of pool running, and a yoga practice.

A safe week, but exactly what my body requires at this time. Both Monday and Friday I intentionally chose not to run because of my lingering case of ITBS. Nonetheless, I was able to keep the mileage decent (given only 5 runs) and was able to get some quality time on the feet over the weekend (30miles/5:20hrs). I am extremely pleased with this progress. Honestly, anaerobically I feel better then I thought given my paltry first few months of 2011, and my body has responded well to the last few weeks of actual running. Slow and conservative. I think this case of ITBS has scared me straight. I will look to continue weekly hill workouts to strengthen my glutes (Old Grouse Mountain Road being my favorite place for this)and continue to increase my long runs on the weekend. I will not be running Diez Vista next weekend, unfortunately, but I will be out there with Team IMPULSE helping out.

Non-running related, bought tickets to see these guys coming up at Venue. Pretty stoked on that.

And had this song stuck in my head all weekend. Really starting to dig this band.


  1. PUSH that tap Adam, haha! It was on but you had to push it down rather than turn it. I probably woulda thought the same till Dommer showed me my error.
    Phantogram has been my ring tone for a few months. If they come to town I guess I'll see ya there too. Congrats on the run, and yeah, I was pretty happy to be getting in actual trail running this weekend!

  2. Damn! I went back to that thing twice and still could not figure it out. haha. Thanks for the info for next time.

    Great seeing you. Perhaps we can share a run in the near future. Before you get too fast ;)