Monday, April 25, 2011

Weeks in Review: April 11-17/ 18-24

Monday April 11, 2011: 3.5miles (1:00) Run/Hike with Meredith up at Lynn Headwaters. Nice night.

Tuesday April 12, 2011: AM: Full strength routine at the gym.

PM: 6.5miles (1:10) 1386'vert Old Grouse Mountain Road tempo. Got out after work for one of my favorite workouts. Parked at the entrance gate to Lynn Headwaters, enjoyed the 5min warm-up to the stairs then ascended up to the base of Old Grouse Mountain Road via Baden Powell (15min). Then did a 20min tempo up OGMR. Felt out of shape and was pretty cooked by the end. Legs were fine just not very chipper. Finally felt like I let go on the descent; bowels were jostling which meant a quick pit stop but felt like I was flying otherwise.

Wednesday April 13, 2011: AM: 5miles (42min) Recovery run. Easy around Lonsdale and over to Loutette. Legs were predictably tight from last night.

Thursday April 14, 2011: Planned to go out after work but it didn't happen. I had all of my stuff in the car and then it just started to sleet/snow. Mentally, I was not prepared.

Friday April 15, 2011: PM: 5miles (1:00). Hill Repeats on Homestead trail. The Garmin measured these at a little over 300feet of vertical over .5miles. However, most of the gain comes over the last .2miles or so. And from those who have run the trail, I am sure you are aware that it is certainly a grunt to the top. Did them really easy tonight with Meredith- progression effort 3times all powerhiking. (8:47, :13, :11).

Saturday April 16, 2011: AM: 13miles (1:47) 1250'vert. Home to Headwaters return via Richard Jurgyn and Bridgman Park. Solid run early in the morning.

PM: 6miles (1:33) 1000'vert. Hike with Meredith up to Fragrance Lake down in Fairhaven.

Sunday April 17, 2011: 19miles (3:47) 4100'vert. This was an encouraging long run for me. Had a decent amount of vertical thrown in there including a climb from the river up the Powerlines. It was a nice day out which made the outing all the more enjoyable.

Weekly Mileage: 58miles (11:30hrs)
Cross-Training: One full gym strength routine + daily ITB and Planks. Also had another day in there where I just did my strength stuff at home with body-weight/ bosa ball.

Monday April 18, 2011: PM: Went up to Grandview field with my medicine ball and thera-band. Did about 45minutes of work before it started to hail. Nice to get outside and do this rather than in a gym.

Tuesday April 19, 2011: PM: 5miles (39:30) Quick run after work over to Loutette. A bit of a tempo effort for a few miles at the end. And not because I felt like it per se but I had to be home.

PM2: 2miles (22min). Easy jogging coaching the KINTEC run clinic.

Wednesday April 20, 2011: 7.5miles (53min) Home to Headwaters Out-and-Back. Another one of my stable workouts from last year that I have just started getting back into the routine of implementing. Felt sluggish and half-asleep at 5am but was surprised to hit the out in 30:42 and then just cruised the return at right on 7min pace for a 22:26 return. The sun was just starting to make an appearance over the eastern horizon as I finished.

PM: 2miles (22min) Easy jogging coaching KINTEC Run clinic.

Thursday April 21, 2011: PM: 8miles (1:17) 1400'vert Homestead Hill Repeats. Itching all day at work to get out, found myself distracted with the thoughts of where I was going to run. By 4'o'clock I settled on some hill work and parked my car just behind Capilano college. Did a 3mile W/U and then got to work. 3times Homestead Hills split: 6:30, :33: 21). Snotty mess by the end of each but was completely absorbed in the workout and the serenity that the trails offer at this time of the evening. The setting sun breaking through the dense coastal forest was a perfect setting. Shirtless by the end. Great night.

Friday April 22, 2011: AM: 12miles (2:05) 2300'vert. A steady run with company. Met up with Sammy, Kerry and David at Lynn Headwaters and we cruised over to Hyannis Drive eventually meandering our way over to the entrance to Horses Loop and returned via Bridal Bath and Curcuit 8. It was nice to run with some company. I had run with Sammy in the past but this was the first time I had met/run with Kerry and David. Great guys and solid runners. Look forward to more runs in the future with this group.

Saturday April 23, 2011: AM 20.5miles (3:38). Long Run from Headwaters to Indian River Road Junction and return. I felt extremely comfortable on this run. My energy yo-yoed a bit but not terribly. I did run out of water at about the 3hr mark- one hand-held did not suffice- but looped over to Gazebo and re-filled. Tried to explore what I thought was a new trail- unfortunately it came to a dead end and I had to bush-whack my way out. Other than that I was lost in my thoughts the majority of the run. The nearly 4hrs went by in a flash.

Sunday April 24, 2011: AM: 7miles (2:57) Hike with Meredith to the base of Black Mountain. My legs felt a little sluggish at the outset by the time we were coming back I felt good. I was quite content to just hike with Meredith because the trails were just so damn beautiful I wanted it to last as long as possible. 2300'vert.

PM: 5miles (42min). Quick shake-out on the roads over to Loutette before Easter dinner. It was raining but for some reason I found it extremely refreshing on this afternoon.

Weekly Mileage: 69miles (13hrs)
Cross-Training: One strength routine session at the field and the usual daily ITB and planks.

The last couple weeks have gone by rather seamlessly. I have been steadily increasing my mileage and will look to continue to do so over the next couple weeks as I build for my first race of the year at the end of May. The left knee/ ITB has been improving but is not 100%. I still get the odd twinge near the end of my long-runs and hence, have kept them near the 4hr range. I am fairly confident that if I continue to do what I have been doing over the past several months I will finally be able to shake this thing and be back to 100%. At the same time, I feel as though I can let go on the downhills and have the confidence that I am not doing some sort of undue stress to my left knee. I had a few runs in there that were definite confidence builders in this respect. Things have been busy and I have had a few nights were my dinner has been a few Cliff Bars but so it goes. The weather has been improving and the trails are drying out. The true essence of spring is around the corner...

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