Monday, May 2, 2011

Week in Review: April 24- May1

Monday April 24, 2011: AM: 10.5miles (1:34) Fairly steady run from behind Park Royal on the Trans-Canada Trail up to the Cleveland Dam; did a few loops up around the rolling trails there and then retraced my steps home. Saw some low 6:xx's coming back as it started to pour rain. Mostly motivated by the fact that I was late to meet Meredith after her workout.Enjoyed the rest of the day off work.

Tuesday April 25, 2011: PM: 6miles (52min) Easy run. Tried to treat this as purely a recovery effort. Headed out and did 4miles on my own and then 2 more teaching KINTEC run clinic. Legs felt stiff and awkward, time for a day off.

Wednesday April 26, 2011: PM: 2.5miles (25min) Really easy teaching KINTEC run clinic. Poured rain the entire time. My energy pathetic.

Thursday April 27, 2011: Noon: 10miles (1:37) Off work at noon today. Immediately headed over to my parent's because I had to drop some stuff off. Took care of business then headed out their back door, all of two steps, right on to the Baden Powell. Debated the necessity of a jacket (chose to keep it and tucked it in my waist band... good call) and then worked my way along the Seymour River. Felt decently chipper given how things had gone the last couple of days. Ran up Curcuit 8 over to Lynn Loop, once again debated whether or not I should do Lower Lynn Loop... Decided to go for it and found myself running through a few inches of wet snow as a fairly heavy hail started to fall. Wet and muddy but I was just enjoying the luxury of an afternoon off work and spending it on the seemingly vacant trails. Eventually reached lower grounds and coincidentally, the sun made an appearance and I basically just worked my way back to my parent's. Hungry by the end.

Friday April 28, 2011: AM: 18miles (3:01) Medium Long run along the Chuckanut Course around Fairhaven/ Larabee Park. Circumstances drew me south of the border today so I planned a long run. Got on the trails by a little after 10am with a vague plan in mind. At the end of the day I basically ran 5miles along the fairly flat dirt path to the entrance to Larabee Park. I then headed up to Fragrance Lake and over the backside of the mountain. From there, I pondered continuing to the Ridge Trail but realized that time was not on my side and further, I took but one bottle and did not know the area well at all. So I retraced my steps back up the mountain to Fragrance Lake, enjoyed a quick loop, and then a buttery descent down the singletrack to the bike path. Beautiful trails and I am definitely starting to develop quite the affection for the area.

(Equipment post run- Notice the new Saucony Peregrine- great first run in them and nothing but positive things to say about them so far- the fact that I could go and run a comfortable 18mile mountain run in them says a lot I suspect)

Saturday April 29, 2011: AM: 3miles (25minutes) Loops around a few block radius surrounding my apartment. Then headed out with Meredith and did 10miles (3:00) of hiking/ running. Enjoyable day.

Sunday April 30, 2011: 11miles (1:55) Quick run early in the morning up at Lynn Headwaters. I did not have the greatest energy but got it done. Just ran as my body dictated. Some was slow, some was moderate, nothing was fast. When I got home Meredith and I headed out for a hike along the Baden Powell near Grouse Mountain. 7miles (2:45)- we packed lunch and just savoured the stunning spring day. Despite the easy effort, my legs were pretty tired by the end. The cumulative effect of the week I suppose.

Weekly Mileage: 78miles (15hrs)
Cross-Training: Daily ITB and planks. No gym session.

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