Monday, September 6, 2010

Week in Review: August 30- Sept 5

30/08/2010: Zero. Rode to and from work (30km) because it was a beautiful day. Now if only every day of the year was like it in Vancouver our carbon footprint would be greatly diminished.

31/08/2010: 8miles (1:04): Good run to start off the week. Started out fairly average and then found a bit of a stride as I progressed (avg pace 8:09). Still some residual soreness in the quads from the weekends volume.

01/09/2010: 9miles (1:22). Enjoyable social evening run with Brooke, Peter, and Darren up at Lynn Headwaters. Basically just trotted around joked about, and spent a lot more time talking than I am use to. Good stuff. Rode to and from work again.

02/10/2010: 11.5miles (1:28). Wanted to put some turnover on the legs while still avoiding as much road as possible. So I decided to loop down from my apartment in the usual fashion to Intrariver Park. From there, I went up to the Jaycee House and followed the RJ trail all the way up to Gazebo.Its a nice smooth gravel trail with almost an imperceptible uphill but you are nonetheless feeling it by the top. Stomach issues plagued me for the first half but I eventually got it under control after a few untimely pit stops. Average pace for the run was 7:58 which I was pretty pleased with given the 1000 feet of vertical gain as well. Yet no water and no food meant I was a little wasted by the end and on the verge of a slight bonk. Much to my surprise I enjoyed the 4 miles of downhill on the road back to my apartment.

03/10/2010: 7miles (58min). Easy run around Loutette park. Awesome night, shirtless the entire time. Rode to and from work again.

04/10/2010: AM. 14 miles (2:05) + 3miles cooldown. I was out of my apartment early this morning running with the rising sun. It was cold to start but I could see that it was going to be a clear day. There is something about running in the pre-dawn setting that cannot be beat. I was under a time limitation this morning so basically just tried to fit in as much as I could before 9am. A good climb up Powerline with an even more thrilling drop that lasted close to 4 miles on the route I took. PM: 7miles. Up and Down Lynn Peak with Meredith. Just some more vertical to add to the day. Little bonky by the end and just wanted to get home and have some eats. Which we did.

05/10/2010: 28 miles (5:05). Wasnt really sure on the route for today. Basically, I knew I wanted to be out for a while and was pretty set on running as long as I could comfortably before I felt like turning it in. A truly, let-the-body-dictate-things, kinda run. With that, I jammed about 500 calories worth of gels in my pockets and grabbed my 16oz handheld and was out the door. I initiated the run with a figure-eight loop up to Norvan falls. It was definitely eerie running. A fairly heavy mist was in the air and with the dense forest I found myself 'on edge' reacting to any sort of sounds from the bush. I was the only person out there for a good hour until I ended up running into some people as I was heading back. From headwaters I then worked my way over to Hyannis and eventually ascended up the Seymour Grind to the Mushroom junction. From there, I dropped down along the Baden Powell trail but then decided to climb again back up Old Buck to the Mt Seymour Picnic Area, a spot I had not been up to in some time. There is a beautiful stretch of singletrack up above the road leading to Mt Seymour that I just love (notwithstanding its mediocre length). I ended up dropping back down via the Old Buck trail eventually turning off at Horses Loop. I followed this trail to the Bridel Path and basically just worked my way back to headwaters from there. I decided on throwing in a climb up Circuit-8 at the end for good measures. 5718 feet of elevation gain on the day according to my GARMIN. Overall, a great day in the mountains and along some of the extensive trail networks the North Shore has to offer. No matter how many times I traverse these routes I seem to never fall tired towards them. I soak in Seymour River later in the afternoon to cap off the day.

Weekly Mileage: 87.5
Time: 14.5 hours
Bike Work: 90km

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  1. your dates are all wrong. running shirtless in October with your body fat would be cold!!!!