Monday, September 13, 2010

Week in Review: Sept 6-12

There are two circumstances that inevitably prevent runners from actually running. The first is injury and the second is illness. Unfortunately, I was plagued with the latter of the two for the start of this week. It hit me hard, a stomach virus that was, and really was unrelenting (if you know what i mean) for 72 hours straight. I was absolutely physically spent during this period and severely restricted from engaging in any form of meaningful running. On the other hand, it freed up an enormous amount of time and allowed me to get going on the lengthy process of law school application. However, by mid-week I was finally starting to feel better and actually managed to fit in a solid few days to end things.

My running week in review:

06/09/2010: 0 miles. Went for a good two hour hike in the rain but besides that, I took it pretty chill. It wasn't until the evening where my stomach started to go south.

07/09/2010: 1.5 miles (15min). Tried and failed. Bad idea to even attempt anything in retrospect.

08/09/2010: 1.5 miles (12min). Better, relatively speaking. But still absolutely wiped. Turned around almost immediately.

09/09/2010: 0 miles. Common sense prevailed and I took the day completely off. What is the point?? I was feeling better and needed to give it one more day. Plus, I had Friday off work so I was thinking I better save what energy I would be able to muster up anyways.

10/09/2010: AM: 6mile (58min) + 4 miles cooldown hike/run (1:20). Things were feeling much better this morning. Somewhere above 60% but nothing like I had hoped. I just kinda rolled with it and monitored my state to make sure I did not let things deteriorate by getting caught up in things. I felt better as the run progressed and it turned out to be a pretty enjoyable morning on the local trails. PM: 6.5 miles (53min) As the day went on, I felt my energy continuing to rise. With that, I headed out in the evening for an easy effort around Loutette. I felt a lot better then the morning and continued to by the end.

11/09/2010: 9 miles (1:22) I headed out with Meredith and we decided to basically just roam the streets and meander through some the connecting trails. I added on a bit at the end, but overall it was just a casual morning run. Out to the farmers market in the afternoon to grab some ingredients for supper.

12/09/2010: AM: 11 miles (1:28) Tempoed the effort a bit this morning. It was pissing rain the entire time and felt a lot like a typical Vancouver November day. Not enjoyable. The run was solid though and I was able to knock out a couple of good miles. PM: 7.5 miles (1:05) Out in the afternoon with Meredith for an easy run. The rain had finally stopped from its morning torrential status and was merely just misting. How could I resist?!? My body felt surprisingly good. Encouraging run despite the fact my right knee was making a bit of noise by the end.

Weekly Mileage: 47 miles (7hours)

Ideas currently in my head that are running related: pavement bashing aka. training for a road marathon for this winter (San Diego end of January is an option because of some connections I have); speed work, hills, perhaps a track (doubt it though),want to still run before the snow hits... HoweSound Crest trail; night running; XC training with NSA (sounds fun); working on my weaknesses.

Meredith and I will be going to see these guys at the end of the month. Looking forward to it. Enjoy.

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