Thursday, September 23, 2010


Well, I suppose an answer is better than none.

It turns out after falling pretty ill once again this week (same shit, literally and figuratively speaking, as two weeks before) and going to the doctor to get some actual tests... I have an intestinal parasite! Yeah, that was my reaction too. Apparently the clinics initial recommendation of drink some Gatorade and rest was a little presumptuous.

Been wiped out. Starting to feel better. Limited to no energy. Chest pains. Cant eat.

Three types of antibiotics that I cannot pronounce... Ciprofloxin, nexium, buscopan... seem to be doing the trick though.

How long have I had this for? Unknown.

Where did I contract it? Unknown. Contaminated water, meat, etc are the usual culprits.

Current approach? Get healthy. Ease back into running. Find my rhythm. Don't run 50miles in three days like last time.

Recently checked out my running log for the year. Eclipsed the 2000 mile mark in early September. Not bad given that I was literally starting from scratch in January. I suppose the goal will be 2500 + for the year... seems like a nice number... but its not important at the end of it all.

Good news... my girlfriend and I won tickets to a show these guys are playing at the Venue next month via a radio call in. First times a charm. Heard my voice on the radio. Poetic.

And... will be seeing these guys next Tuesday.

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