Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week in Review: November 15-21

Monday November 15, 2010: AM: At the gym early for the usual routine. Felt tired this morning and unmotivated but got things rolling part way through. Had to fight off some of the regulars who were hogging some of the areas/ equipment (ie. all elderly people- apparently the only other demographic willing to get up at 4:00am and get their workout in before the sun has even pondered rising for the morning- great to see this and the commitment on their part to get at it every morning).

Tuesday November 16, 2010: PM: 10+ miles (1:20) Did one mile of warm/up with a dynamic lunge routine. Then did 6.5 miles in 54min with Meredith. Comfortable pace. I then finished the session off with hill repeats. 5 times a section of hill that is just outside my apartment that stretches 0.2miles. Splits for the session were good with perfect positive progression (1:18, 16, 15, 14, 13). Gasping by the top on each repeat and then I would recharge with easy trots to the start. Decent kick in the legs. Pedestal and Medicine ball routine to finish. Good workout that spanned approximately 2hours plus at the end of it all.

Wednesday November 17, 2010: AM: 6.5miles (55min) It was cold and wet this morning. Hard to get out of bed at 4:00am to fit it in but was glad that I did. My legs felt surprisingly good after last nights session. Just cruised around one of my usual loops. Was hungry and a little light headed by the end. But I didn't eat anything before this one so it was to be expected. Unfortunatley, had to pull out the full tights for the first time this year. PM: 5miles (40min) Shitty day at work and had to get outside to let it out. Easy trot around on a beautiful night that was completely juxtaposed to the mornings run. Clear skies and a full moon.

Thursday November 18, 2010: AM: Gym/ Weights- my right knee was a little sore- classic anterior knee pain I suspect. Loosened up alright and never got worse during squats etc. PM: 10+miles (1:20) Tights again. Damn. Winter is here. Cold and misting on this run. Did the first 6.55miles with Meredith in 57min flat with a number of climbs, including a finishing grunt up Keith road. I then did 4times half-mile repeats with standing rests of 20seconds between sets. Lots of saliva/snot flying around tonight. Good session. GS routine to finish. Another 2+ hour workout.

Friday November 19, 2010: PM: 5miles (45min) Super easy run. Shakeout of sorts. Nice night. Ran over to my parents to pick up the car. I then met Meredith at our second home, WholeFoods, for some groceries and grub. Massive mixed salad with tons of grilled veg and marinated tofu. Hit the spot.

(The view from the start of the climb up the powerlines)

Saturday November 20, 2010: AM: 10miles (1:30) Group run with IMPULSE out at Port Moody. I was expecting a better showing this week through email correspondence that I was having with a few people interested in coming out. Unfortunately, we got a couple inches of snow on Friday night which I think may have scared some folks off. Anyways, ran with Aaron, one of the chiropractors from the clinic. I was out there early and ran 4 miles by myself and then he and I ran a great little 6mile loop up the Powerlines. It was an absolutely spectacular morning for a run. The paths were mostly clear of snow but the white stuff had blanketed almost everything else. The sun was creeping out and the mountains looked spectacular. Two good climbs for me this morning. Not what I necessarily wanted with a long one planned for the next day but I was OK with it. Finished up hanging out in the clinic, rolling out and using the medicine balls to do my usual routine. Chocolate milk and cookies for recovery. Excellent.

(The type of slope and terrain typical of the climb)

Sunday November 21, 2010: AM: 14miles (1:48) Headed out to Burnaby Lake with Meredith. We both had not been out there for some time and thought it would be a nice change of scenery and a great way to get in some flatter/ rolling miles on more forgiving terrain. It was just straight up cold this morning (for a West Coast body anyways). No sun and we started off the run with the temps below zero. We did the first 8 miles in a comfortable 1:05. I felt meteocre to shitty for most of these miles. My legs were fine but I just felt like I could not get any sort of rythm to my breathing (cold air perhaps??). Anyways, I attempted to tempo the next 4 miles- I knocked them off in a rough and dragging 28:43- starting off sub 7min/per mile for the first couple then slowly creeping back up. Not a great effort but just did not have much in the system today. 2miles more tacked on. Wanted to go longer today but Meredith was done after 12miles and honestly, I would have mostly been just dragging my ass for whatever I would have added on.

(Pre-Sunday's run out at Burnaby Lake; looking much more bad-ass than I actually felt for the run. You can see the healthy dosage of white-stuff on the ground in the background)

Weekly mileage: 60+ (9hours)/ 2 gym sessions and lots of GS work

Pretty typical week right now and where I want to be about. I will be looking to continue the quality sessions during the week and upp their anti, so to speak, over the next several weeks. This is my third week of "training" and have managed to keep it consistent each week, which is definately a positive. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for the next while as well. I may bump up the mileage a tad but no real concern on this front. Qulaity over quantity as it is. Holding the mileage at 60-70miles seems to leave me with enough energy to continue to get to the gym twice a week for a weights and have some kick for the quality workouts.

Articles for the week:
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